My First Blog

A quick blog to introduce myself to you all :)

I have decided to take the plunge and commit myself to writing a weekly/fortnightly blog post.

I absolutely adore writing and always have done, so bringing my two main passions together fills me with so much excitement, plus it gives you all a chance to get to know me a little better.

My aim for this blog is to talk all things photography, pets, what I’ve been up to, and give you an in-depth insight of my journey.

Sooo, a little bit about me.

I am twenty years old, twenty-one on the 10th April. I was born in Surrey just outside of London and grew up in and around there. I moved alone to North Cornwall when I was eighteen and a half, braving the jump into that next fresh chapter of my life shaped me so much as a person and it reconnected me with so many of my passions which I had buried for a few years transitioning from secondary school and college. It reconnected me with my love of capturing beauty in its natural form.

I have always adored animals, my obsession with horses started very young.. and as much as my parents hoped it would be, it was not just a phase :’) – From having the pleasure of owning my four legged best friend and growing with him by my side, my mission is to express the same love and partnership I have with him through my art. Capturing the unspoken bond between two souls in deep connection.

Ramiro is my twenty-one year old Anglo Arab x Welsh cob gelding, and I also recently recused a six year old off the track Thoroughbred gelding, Benji. They honestly mean the absolute world to me. (And they’re both incredibly photogenic)


January 1, 2020